Legni antichi L.E.

Atelier Emblema

Creazioni Celebrative in legno



"Destined to oblivion,

brought back to new life.

Witness of the Time,

Guardian of History".



Legni Antichi Limited Edition”


Limited edition creations

in different types of wood,

collected from demolition works

of old farmhouses.

The recovery of old beams,

destined for landfill

or to grinding

for combustible purposes,

allows us to give new Life

to precious and noble wood,

which in some cases can boast

even 100 years of history.


Every single piece presents 

a number of features

inherent in nature itself

of the Ancient wood.

The presence of striations,

nodes, spots or nail marks

are the witness

of Life and History

of used wood.

The fascinating alternative,

ecologically perfect.



Le nostre Opere prendono vita a Forum Iulii Langobardorum

Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO / UNESCO World Heritage

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